Our team gathered at the ACT Knowledge Sharing Workshop in Paris, France on the 4th & 5th October 2023, to share knowledge, experiences and results from the ABSALT project.

The team were excited to present their work on Silica-PEI, with posters on:

(i) Optimisation of silica-PEI for CO2 capture

(ii) Comparative techno-economic and environmental assessment of the integration of MEA-based scrubbing and Silica PEI adsorbent-based CO2 capture processes into cement plants

(iii) Catalytic pyrolysis of spent solid CO2 adsorbents for the recovery of raw materials and valuable heteroaromatic chemicals

Project lead, Professor Colin Snape, also presented an overview of the project to the wider consortium.

Presentations and posters from the ABSALT team can be found in our Publications page.